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About Quarry Hill School

Like life itself, the philosophy and teaching methods of Quarry Hill School form a colorful tapestry of differences. Children between the ages of 3 and 6 are just beginning to explore two new concepts, "I am apart from everyone else" and "I am a part of the whole world." As each child approaches these concepts differently, so too do Quarry Hill teachers approach every child.

Our program is flexibly structured to offer as much challenge as each child may need from age three through kindergarten. Exploring different materials encourages learning across a wide range of traditional academic and creative pursuits. Outside, we have a wonderful play area, outdoor learning equipment and gardens. We encourage each child's inventiveness and personal expression, while also helping her or him to develop body control and the ability to plan out, carry through and complete personal expressions. We hope each child will achieve harmony in a vigorous body.

Our school day encourages both individual and group activities. All our furniture and materials are child-sized and placed within easy reach so that children can initiate their own projects and activities, and feel ownership of their environment. With one teacher for every seven children, our close community takes equal responsibility for sharing and caring for our materials, our plants and animals, our school building and play yard.


Quarry Hill School is a non-profit corporation. Our Board of Directors includes current parents, teachers and community members. Our monthly newsletter, monthly parent meetings and whole school gatherings for holidays, special days and workdays help keep our community happily involved and informed. We also meet for family conferences in the fall and spring. Parents can visit throughout the day to contribute to our curriculum or to simply join in the fun.

Come by and visit! The teachers and children at Quarry Hill School welcome visitors. Just let us know in advance so we can plan to include you in our day. For more information, or to schedule a visit, call (802) 388-7297.