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School Administration

The Quarry Hill School director is Su White. Su works in harmony as part of the staff, facilitating collaboration, recognizing and encouraging strengths, and promoting communication among Quarry Hill children, teachers, parents, and board members. She oversees the cooperative delineation of job responsibilities. Her view of Quarry Hill School is all inclusive, striving to bring together multiple perspectives, and to encourage collaborative problem-solving both within the school and in the larger business and educational community.

Molly Daly is our Administrative Assistant and recently took on the role of QHS bookkeeper. She first joined the Quarry Hill School community as a parent, 3 of her children attended QHS! She enjoys stepping out of the office to interact with kids as a weekly reader.

2020-21 Board

Eamon Del Giacco, President
Kirke Hart, Treasurer
Ellen McKay, Secretary
Zara Daly, current parent
Ryan Hunt, current parent
Mary Starvish, grandparent
Samantha Farrell-Schmitt, QHS teacher
Su White, QHS director


Quarry Hill School's founder and former president of the Board of Directors is Susan Borg, now promoted to Guardian Angel. Susan's vision and dream have brought us far! We are grateful for her steadfast guidance, involvement, and words of encouragement.

The Board is comprised of six to nine members, including the QHS director, a teacher, parent representatives, and community members. The Board trusts and supports the staff in making routine, as well as sometimes difficult, decisions about Quarry Hill's operation throughout the school year. Periodic board meetings are held as needed to discuss budget, fundraising, practice, problems, planning, and implementation of various elements involved in running the school. The Board's actions are guided by Quarry Hill's mission, philosophy, and guiding principles, as well as by staff recommendations and parent feedback. Always, the highest priority is a consensual effort toward functioning in the best interest of the children.

The parent representatives to Quarry Hill's Board are crucial. They are a link in bringing "outside" perspective to the staff and board. By availing themselves as participating members of QHS, they can help new and returning parents to find a niche and to understand the spirit of the school.

The parents are invited to fall and spring parent conferences to discuss our observations about your child and to hear your insights. We also have regular meetings throughout the school year to address various aspects of our curriculum and child development. Remembering that for many parents and children Quarry Hill is their first experience with any school, together the staff, the director, the Board, and parent representatives embrace and nurture new parents and young children. Our goal is that participating and cooperation will bring positive experiences and growth to the whole Quarry Hill community.

Quarry Hill School is a 501(c)3 organization. Click here for our latest IRS Form 990.