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Parent Involvement

We encourage parent involvement in a variety of ways at Quarry Hill School.

Come in to help out at the school! An extra pair of hands is always welcome. Once your child is comfortable with his/her independence at Quarry Hill, consider coming in to work and play with us.

Coming in to substitute provides an opportunity for you to actively participate in your child's school day and to interact with the other teachers and children within the regular routine. It's great for everyone: you're helping us out, and you're learning more about your child's day at Quarry Hill.

Consider signing up to provide a snack. This could be as ambitious as a snack that celebrates special occasions or projects, or as simple as a few groceries for our shelves. The more wholesome and nutritious, the better. Please ask us if there are any existing food allergies among the children.

Special Projects
We are continually astounded by the multi-talented and creative parents of Quarry Hill kids! We welcome your ideas for a special project or activity unique to your interests and talents: an art project, a special craft, bringing in your guitar and leading a sing-along, baking or preparing a snack with the children, or coming in to read during library time.

We have had some creative and organized parents in the past who have taken on the task of organizing occasional field trips. If you have field trip ideas, please share them with us! Also, we occasionally need volunteers to help drive for fieldtrips, so if you can help, please let us know.

Fundraising is as important to maintaining our day-to-day operations as it is to our Scholarship Fund. In the past we have done everything from rummage sales to dance concerts. Successful grant writing has also become a means to alternative funding for specific projects. We welcome your ideas as well as any degree of organization and planning you can offer. Please share with us your creative thoughts as well as your special area of expertise.

We offer a variety of ways for parents to work off a portion of their child's tuition at Quarry Hill: substituting, laundry, maintenance, lawn-mowing, cleaning (and maybe some things we haven't thought of yet!). If you are interested, please see one of the teachers.