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Teaching Team

The teachers at Quarry Hill are members of a cooperative team with equal input into the school's direction regarding curriculum planning, staff development, and parent relations. Love, trust, and open communication among the staff are essential to the success of Quarry Hill's vibrant existence. Children and their families are the staff's highest priority. We believe that the way the teachers work together at Quarry Hill is an effective and important role model for the children who attend. Our teachers participate in ongoing trainings throughout the year, utilizing in-service days for team-building as well as pursuing individual professional goals. Emily Bridges, Samantha Farrell-Schmitt, Keele Kozak, Rini Lovshin-Smith Lizzy Woolf, and SuWhite make up our teaching team. Natali West is providing welcome energy and support to the team and program in our Covid-19 response.


Emily Bridges joined the teaching team in September 2014. Emily has been a volunteer and substitute at Quarry Hill since her daughter attended. Emily loves reading books, cooking and being outside. She also teaches swim lessons in the summer.



Samantha Farrell-Schmitt joined the teaching team in September 2012. Samantha has a long relationship with Quarry Hill both as a parent and a morning teacher's aide. Samantha's educational background is elementary education and biological science. Her main focus in working within the early education field is to support the social-emotional development and wellbeing of each young child. She particularly enjoys watching children learn through exploration.



Keele Kozak is excited to join the Quarry Hill School community. She has called Vermont her home for the past 7 years and is in love with everything about the area and community. Born, raised and educated in Canada, this year marks her third year back in the classroom (after a very long pause staying home with kids and patiently waiting for her Green Card to work in the USA). Keele loves to share in the love and enthusiasm of learning together, with colleagues, children and parents. There is no better place than with the beautiful minds of children.



Rini Lovshin-Smith has always known Quarry Hill as a special place, first when she attended as a preschooler and then throughout her life as her mom (Rosie) worked there. She is thrilled to have joined the team in 2019. Rini comes from a background in early childhood education, and is in awe and admiration of the perspective children bring to the world. She feels honored that her son Mo and daughter Lia get to be a part of the Quarry Hill community as well.



Lizzy Woolf joined the Quarry Hill teaching team in 2015. She is passionate about creating a space for children to freely explore their world and to find joy in their natural surroundings. When not at Quarry Hill, Lizzy can be found wandering, playing, and tending the land and animals of her woodland homestead with her family.



SuWhite joined the teaching team at QHS in 1981 and took over as teaching director when founder Susan Borg handed her the reins in 1985. Nurturing and being part of the ever-expanding Quarry Hill community is so important to her. She loves to share music and books, and talk and learn about everyone’s interests with her Quarry Hill friends. Su’s two sons, now young adults, continue to return to the Quarry Hill School scene to support the school in various ways. Su is energized by local, state and national issues, and loves singing, and being active outdoors. She is a leader in our local and regional Early Childhood Education (ECE) community. Living and loving with her family in the mountains is inspiring and restorative for her.



Natali West is thrilled to be a part of the teaching team this year. Both of her children attended Quarry Hill, and during that time she served as both a volunteer and morning teacher’s aide. Natali’s passions are books, cooking, and connecting to the natural world, and she loves sharing all three with the kids at Quarry Hill!